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Communication That Works

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‘Communication is the vein of marriage and love is the blood. Love can’t flow if the vein is blocked or weak.’ Tomi Adisa

Communication is the fibre of the fabric of unity. When you break down unity; you will find communication at the root of it. When the enemy wants to attack a home; he attacks their communication and when God wants to use a home; He enters into their communication. Can two walk together except they agree? Amos 3:3

Communication reveals the nature of a relationship. When communication is sweet; marriage is sweet. Marriages that do well; do well not because they are void of challenges. They do well because they have gained mastery of their communication. Love is not often the problem of many marriages; poor communication is the reason for the struggle.

This course will first cause a radical shift in everything you have always known about communication. I am going to show you what God taught about communication. We will break down the DNA of your communication. I will also teach you how men communicate, the art of listening, conflicts and the laws of communication. Take a deep breath and get ready for a sweet adventure.




User Avatar Tomi Adisa

Tomi Adisa is happily married to her darling husband of 6 years; Obafemi Adisa. They are blessed with four children who she fondly refers to as the Fantastic Four. She is the President and Founder of the Novel Woman Foundation which is a ministry committed to inspiring, instructing and equipping young ladies to discover and fulfil their purpose. The ministry has chapters in Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti and Akure. She also founded WivesandWives2Be in 2018; a forum for instructing and counseling women to make wise marital choices and to build godly homes. WivesandWives2Be hosts an annual bridal shower with over a 100 participants where brides to be are celebrated, taught and prayed for. In March 2020, Tomi pioneered the Warrior Moms Movement that has reached and impacted women in more than 5 countries of the world. She is also the brilliant author of ‘The Warrior Moms Prayer Devotional’ and ‘5 Ingredients of a Successful Marriage’. Tomi loves to bake and host TV shows when she is not doing ministry. Tomi Adisa is passionate about God, women and family. She loves Love!

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