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Communication That Works

The bedrock of every successful marriage is communication. Marriages fail or succeed based on the prowess or weakness of the couples in communicating. If you have been struggling to communicate effectively in your marriage, this course is designed to help you build effective communication skills. 


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Course Description

Many couples do not communicate well. They talk, but they talk at the wrong time and say the wrong things to each other. Sometimes, a spouse decides not to talk, and then sweep things under until there is an explosion; otherwise, they expect their partner to just magically know how they feel.

When God wanted to speak to Moses, He waited till Moses was out of Egypt (distractions) and alone. Then He created a burning bush to draw Moses close and really gain his attention. He did all these before saying anything at all. Sometimes, all you have to do to communicate effectively with your spouse is to wait till there are no distractions (physical and mental), set him on fire with your love and then talk. This course is all about building effective communication in your marriage.